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Manager of Research & Development & Production

(Aug 2016 - Feb 2018)

  • Developed the first Vodka made with Andean potatoes "14 Inkas"


  • Designed and constructed the distillery.

  • Created the SOPs.

  • Managed the first 6 months of production.


Distillery Espíritu Andino - Lima, Perú 


Its mission is to produce high quality spirits with ingredients from the Peruvian Andes, working directly with the local communities and paying them a fair price for their crops. 


The first goal, was to create a new kind of vodka, that expresses all the personality and character of the Andean native potatoes, but with the smoothness and delicacy of a premium vodka.

The quality of vodka 14 Inkas has already been recognized in 6 spirits international competitions with 5 gold medals and 1 double gold in San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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